Google Calendar Sync is a mess

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Hi, I would love to use weekplan, but the Google Calendar sync seems very unstable and prevents me from actually using weekplan to its full potential.

I have several issues:

  • Tasks synced from a connected calendar have the wrong time and sometimes appear up to 4 times, even if they are declined or I already checked them in weekplan
  • Even after deleting duplicate events with wrong times, they appear again after a refresh
  • It takes more time to manage my events for the day then the time I win from planning my tasks with weekplan

So while I really like the methodology of weekplan and general idea, this is a show stopper for me.

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Hi, currently we are trying to investigate all Google calendar issues and probably in next release we will introduce some Gcal fixes.

Support Team

Regarding time issues have you set the correct time zone in your account settings?


Thank you for the quick response! When is the next release planned?

Yes, I have set the correct time zone. Interestingly enough the time zone is correct when an event is imported, but even if I just add a role, the time of the event is changed (to UTC, I think).

Happy to jump on a call or add a recording if that helps.


Similar issue here. I also see a time difference in the events that are synced using Google Calendar.

Support Team

@dswn What timezone do you have set in WeekPlan and what timezone do you have in Google ?

Quote from Support Team

@dswn What timezone do you have set in WeekPlan and what timezone do you have in Google ?

Both the same timezone: GMT +1 Brussels. Some events have a time difference, and some have not... 

Most of them are OK, but some of them have a time difference of 1 hour. I can't see a pattern.

Support Team

That's weird as we use common logic for task synchronisation. If you can identify the pattern or steps to reproduce it would be very helpful for us - we will fix that.

I'm also having issues bit time. When I refresh Weekly, my Google calendar synced appointments somehow disappear. Also, every time I switch back and forth from the planner and anything else in weekly, it auto adjusts and shows all my completed tasks. How do I change this setting to not show all my completed tasks for the day?


I had also experienced similar issues in the past 2 weeks. When I refresh my planner, the Google Calendar synced appointments disappeared. 

Also the buttons that allow to refresh or sign out on the left navigation pane disappeared as well.

I work in Google Chrome in case it helps to analyze the issue.


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Thank you for the details of the issue. We had deployed calendar fixes. Could you please try with Disconnect / Connect the calendar again. Let me know if you are still facing this issue.

We appreciate your patience.