How to synchronize your tasks with Google Calendar.

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You need to be on Ultimate plan with the "Google Calendar" feature selected.


The Google Calendar synchronization allows you to "pull" events from your Google Calendar and show them in WEEK PLAN. This also allows you to "push" tasks from WEEK PLAN to your Google Calendar.

Synchronization happens almost instantly. If you edit a task that has been synchronized, the changes will appear on both Google Calendar and WEEK PLAN.

Steps to start synchronizing:

1. Click on User Avatar in the bottom left of the main menu as shown here: 

Image 3192

2. You will get an account popover has settings option. Click on Account Settings in the popover as shown below:

Image 3193

3. Click "Team Settings"  tab 

Image 3194

4. Click on "Google Calendar"  under Team Settings 

5. Click on the Connect Calendar button to connect to Google Calendar. 

Image 2952

5. It will prompt you to sign into your google account.

Image 545

6. Next page will open and will ask for permission.

Image 178

7. Click on "Allow" to synchronize the task with google calendar.

Image 546

8.  You may  start  synchronizing by clicking on the Push and Pull buttons of the calendars:

Image 2953

Remember. "Pull" is to download events from Google Calendar. "Push" is to send tasks from WEEK PLAN to Google Calendar. Please click on Trigger sync once to start the sync process once.

9.  Click Save button to save the calendar push/ pull settings. Synchronization will start and will show on the page. Please click Trigger Sync button to trigger the sync manually, if it doesn't start. 

The initial synchronization may take up to 5 minutes. You will have to refresh your browser page to see the new events / tasks.

To remove your permission to WeekPlan, go to this page provided by Google.

Known Issues & Limitations


  • We will lose attendees in google calendar if we change repetitions types (eg. Daily to Weekly) in WeekPlan.
  • Settings and calendar lists are per-user Settings and calendar lists only have one collection per user, so you can subscribe just once.
  • You can't push multiple calendars at a time. This is done to avoid duplicity of the tasks in calendars & WeekPlan.
  • If you enable setting  "Push edited tasks from other calendars (Google / Outlook Calendar Synchronization)" in the Workspace Settings page, all the events/tasks from the pulled calendar when edited in WeekPlan will go to the pushed calendar. Please see the link below for reference

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