How to repeat a task

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In WEEK PLAN, you can set tasks to repeat at a given frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, ...). 

After having created a repetition, you can edit the whole series or edit a single occurrence.


1. Click on the parent task, 

2. Click the "Repeat" Icon

Image 2868

3. Mark "This task repeats"

Image 2866

4. Set up the frequency and duration of repetition from the options provided

Image 2869

List of type of repetitions you can set

Repeats daily every 2 days until 2020-06-01.

Repeats weekly every 1 week on Monday, Tuesday until 2020-06-01.

Repeats monthly every 1 month on the 5th day of the month until 2020-06-01.

Repeats monthly every 3 months on the 2nd Monday of the month until 2020-06-01.

Repeats yearly every 1 year until 2021-06-01.


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