Objectives and Key results (OKRs)

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To manage longer term goals, Week Plan adopts the OKRs methodology. It is a well known goal management methodology you can read about online.

An Objective is like a goal. It should be something difficult to achieve but not impossible, something you have about 70% chance of success.

Each Objective has Key Results, the things you will track to show the progress towards the Objective. The Objective is the "what is it we want to accomplish" and the Key Results are the "how to know you are making progress".

Objective backlog

An Objective can have a backlog of tasks that you could work on.

When you set your OKRs quarterly, you would try to also come up with an initial backlog of things that would help make progress.

Don't overcommit. I suggest starting with one Objective first, and focusing on completing that Objective this quarter. If you set too many Objectives, you will be less focused and less likely to succeed. Start small, and as you get more confident in the methodology, increase the number of Objectives you commit to.

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