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Under review

Will there ever be a Mac App Desktop Version?

HeshArt 12 months ago • updated by Boo L. (Community manager) 4 days ago 7

Love the idea, but will there be a real desktop Version, i just like to a have seperate App to organize all my stuff, and in case of slow Wifi.

Under review

two week view

stephen.x.foster 1 year ago • updated by Boo L. (Community manager) 10 months ago 3

I love the weekly view and I would also like to plan out a little further but find the monthly view difficult to use.

1) it takes up too much real estate and I can't drag tasks from the goals without scrolling etc.

2) most of the time I would only like to plan next weeks.

Yes I could change the week but then I find myself flipping back and forth between this week and next.

Alternatively, find a way of compressing the monthly view so that I can see an overview of the entire month and still have my goals visible

Under review

design change !

Kamut 1 month ago • updated by forestsoft 5 hours ago 22

PLEASE: change the new (2.70) design back!!! it is soo much overcolouered and distracting!!!!

Under review

Auto-assign roles to Google Calendars

custardpringle 1 year ago • updated by Ana Loraine (Community Manager) 6 days ago 6

For example: would like a setting so every item pulled from my "workouts" calendar will be auto-assigned to the role Athlete.

Under review

Allow THEME in Weekplan 2.0 planner view (I hate white backgrounds) and I love the forest theme

lkairis 3 months ago • updated by Ana Loraine (Community Manager) 2 months ago 3

I enjoy the layout of Weekplan 2, but do not like that the Themes that work in the original app do not work in the update (at least for schedule/planner/calendar/main view)

Under review

Make a subtask by drugging a task on top of another task.

edshamis 3 months ago • updated by Ana Loraine (Community Manager) 2 months ago 4

Can you add an possibility to add subtask by drugging  a task on top of another task?

Under review

Show a rolling 7-day view in the Schedule instead of 1 calendar week at a time

djacoby 2 weeks ago • updated by SSCheetah 2 weeks ago 6

Toward the end of a week, I can only see 1, 2, or 3 days in the Schedule view, which limits the usefulness of the tool. Is it possible to make the schedule show a 7-day rolling view?


Hi there!

Thank you for the suggestion.

You can click the finished days within the week to view the details. 

May we ask why you prefer all 7days to be visible the entire time on your calendar?

Under review

Duplicating tasks (not the same as reoccurring)

rodriguez.nataliej 1 month ago • updated by Ana Loraine (Community Manager) 1 month ago 1

Am I able to duplicate a task?  This is different than a reoccurring task.  What I would like to be able to do is take an old task that had a series of checklist items and duplicate it as a future task that I can then customize.