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Allow to duplicate checklists for recurring items

Lindsay Hastey 5 years ago updated by olivertom 4 months ago 37

Right now the checklist only shows up on the first occurrence of an item

Under review

Make a subtask by drugging a task on top of another task.

edshamis 2 years ago updated by saskia 4 months ago 8

Can you add an possibility to add subtask by drugging  a task on top of another task?


Will there ever be a Mac App Desktop Version?

HeshArt 3 years ago updated by Geeta 6 months ago 26

Love the idea, but will there be a real desktop Version, i just like to a have seperate App to organize all my stuff, and in case of slow Wifi.

Under review

two week view

stephen.x.foster 3 years ago updated by sdave001 1 year ago 4

I love the weekly view and I would also like to plan out a little further but find the monthly view difficult to use.

1) it takes up too much real estate and I can't drag tasks from the goals without scrolling etc.

2) most of the time I would only like to plan next weeks.

Yes I could change the week but then I find myself flipping back and forth between this week and next.

Alternatively, find a way of compressing the monthly view so that I can see an overview of the entire month and still have my goals visible

Under review

Allow THEME in Weekplan 2.0 planner view (I hate white backgrounds) and I love the forest theme

lkairis 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 3

I enjoy the layout of Weekplan 2, but do not like that the Themes that work in the original app do not work in the update (at least for schedule/planner/calendar/main view)


Auto-assign roles to Google Calendars

custardpringle 4 years ago updated by A.D. 1 year ago 14

For example: would like a setting so every item pulled from my "workouts" calendar will be auto-assigned to the role Athlete.

Under review

Repeat Tasks with Templates

Taylor Abeel 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 8 months ago 5
I would love to have the option to either copy a "task" and it's "checklist" or create a template for tasks that I do often but not on a repeating schedule. For example, I have a task to edit a client's images. Within that task are several steps that I have broken down into a checklist. I have to do this sort of task regularly. Rather than having to make a new task and new check list every time, it would be much more efficient to be able to drag a template task with the checklist already integrated, or copy a previous, similar task to create the new one.
Under review

Duplicating tasks (not the same as reoccurring)

rodriguez.nataliej 2 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 1 year ago 6

Am I able to duplicate a task?  This is different than a reoccurring task.  What I would like to be able to do is take an old task that had a series of checklist items and duplicate it as a future task that I can then customize.   

Under review

Subtask Times don't translate to total task time.

Johnhopper 3 years ago updated by NuStoryer 3 years ago 3

When allocating time to sub tasks, it would be nice for the total time of the sub-tasks to show as a total time for the task header.

Under review

due & scheduled date?

dasmaeht 2 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 1


Could you please add a "due date"-field to each task?

At the moment you only have "scheduled day", which - to my understanding - is the date I WANT to complete the task. I would find it helpful to be able to add the day the task MUST be completed, like when you have a deadline.

Best regards,