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Problem with Synchronize with Google Calendar

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I am in the WeekPlan Ultimate. I have difficulty to synchronize with Google Calendars. 

The problem is strange:

(1) When I create an event on Google Calendars, it will NOT show up on my Weekplan. 

(2) However, if I create an event on Weekplan, it will show up on Google Calendars almost at the same time. 

I wonder if there is a one-way problem to synchronize from Google Calendars to WeekPlan? 

Can someone check it everything is all right? Thanks!

Under review


Thank you for reaching out.

We are more than happy to check this further. 

May we ask for you to check if the "Push - Pull" function from the Google Calendar settings is turned on?


If so, kindly send us a screenshot of the settings and those tasks from both calendars that are not in sync.

We will wait for your response. :)


I am trying to check the setting of my Google Calendar. However, I am not using the Google Calendar APP. I open my Chrome Browser, and go to the setting of Google Calendar. But I haven't seen any buttons or settings about Push-Pull. I attach a screenshot below. 

Can you let me know if I have done anything wrong in the setting?