Problem with Synchronize with Google Calendar

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I am in the WeekPlan Ultimate. I have difficulty to synchronize with Google Calendars. 

The problem is strange:

(1) When I create an event on Google Calendars, it will NOT show up on my Weekplan. 

(2) However, if I create an event on Weekplan, it will show up on Google Calendars almost at the same time. 

I wonder if there is a one-way problem to synchronize from Google Calendars to WeekPlan? 

Can someone check it everything is all right? Thanks!

Ana Loraine
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Thank you for reaching out.

We are more than happy to check this further. 

May we ask for you to check if the "Push - Pull" function from the Google Calendar settings is turned on?

If so, kindly send us a screenshot of the settings and those tasks from both calendars that are not in sync.

We will wait for your response. :)



I am trying to check the setting of my Google Calendar. However, I am not using the Google Calendar APP. I open my Chrome Browser, and go to the setting of Google Calendar. But I haven't seen any buttons or settings about Push-Pull. I attach a screenshot below. 

Can you let me know if I have done anything wrong in the setting?