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Upgrade does not work, page hangs after payment

jinhui.yao 1 year ago updated by hjssignups@yahoo.com 1 year ago 25

Upgrade does not work, the page hangs after payment. 

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Hi there!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Are you still getting an error on your end? Were you able to try from our website as well?


Please let us know. 

I was using the website, that is where i got the problem from

I'm having the same issue as well


We are looking into it urgently

If it helps at all, I get the issue when I follow the link on `Upgrade' link on https://next.weekplan.net/#/trialend and then `Subscribe' on the following page.

I get a green tick and then the page just hangs saying `Loading...'

Thanks Rupert, a dev is looking at it right now

What bank do you use for your credit card?

Would you be able to ask your bank why the payment has been declined? It would help us solve the situation. Thanks!

The transaction was declined by there Fraud Detection department for some strange reason...

You seem to have a different underlying problem. What country are you from? What type of card did you enter?

Oh don't worry I can see this information in our payment gateway

Your card was declined Rupert. Can you try with another one?

Okay nice. My UK card worked!

I have tried different cards, some card was declined right away, but some card goes through, I can see the green tick, and then the page hangs at the refreshing icon

Yes you have a separate issue. Our payment gateway provider has changed something on their side so we need to update our code. We are working on it.

Thanks, please let me know when this is fixed.

The issue has been fixed. Thanks. I have extended your trial by 3 days. 

(Wow you have been with us since 2014 :))

oh, and could you give me a trial or something while i am waiting? i want to try the focus timer

i thought this was just me. I am down to 0 days and I tried to pay for it 2x. Please let me know that this is fixed or can you extend my trial?

I have extended your trial until we figure things out.

Your card has been declined too. Could you please help us figure out what is happening, we seem to be getting a higher rate of declines. Could you call your bank and ask why this transaction was refused?

ya happy to do so. ill call my bank shortly and let you know. but it is thanksgiving so i may have to wait until monday.

i am USA citizen using a visa debit card to pay through square. can i get an extension b/c now im locked out

How long after a declined transaction will you keep all the info on the account. For instance payment declined on 2/18. I will be able to update it on 2/27.

I am having this same problem! If it was because my card declined, I could try another card, but it never lets me log in to do so . . . I enter my login credentials and it just loops back to the login screen after hanging on the big W. PLEASE help me. I really want to use this program. And ALL my tasks are already in there. I would be so sad to lose them.