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There is a time to do and a time to reflect.

Journaling is about setting the time to reflect on what happened recently and learn from it. Journaling helps you step back and gain some perspective on what you are doing and the direction you are heading.

For many people, journaling helps them cope better with challenges better.

The microjournal

In Week Plan, the Journal has two types of entry, the normal journal entry and the microjournal entry. The microjournal is like the Twitter of journaling. Instead of writing a long text, you can simply dump a list of words that pop in your mind when you think of what is happening in your life / work.

For example it could look like: buy-house mum fitness son ...

We use the dash character '-' to join words together if they are meant to stay together. In the microjournal, the more you mention a term overtime, the bigger it gets.

Want to learn more about journaling? We have dedicated a whole section on journaling in the Week Plan Academy.

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